Lost sales and staff wages will be a thing of the past


It’s business as usual when your systems are restored quickly


Customer service won’t be affected thanks to efficient disaster recovery


No more hours spent on the phone trying to find a solution


We recently experienced a catastrophic hardware failure which rendered the network inaccessible. Peer 2 Peer were able to respond very quickly to ensure we were able to resume services efficiently and without the loss of any critical data. After receiving the initial call that the equipment had failed, Peer 2 Peer were onsite within 90 mins to begin recovery operations. Without their commitment and efficiency, it would have meant a greater financial impact to the business.

Helen - CFO - KMOne Civil

Without an adequate disaster recovery strategy, it can take days or weeks to bounce back from downtime and data loss. Some businesses never recover from significant data loss.


If you’re new to business or haven’t suffered data losses, you might be wondering why you need disaster recovery solutions?

Our customised disaster recovery planning is a component of business continuity planning (BCP). It provides a contingency strategy after identifying possible risks so you can protect your personnel, assets and resulting business function. Disaster recovery services refer directly to your IT system and infrastructure - vital to the running of your business in our digital world.

Let’s discuss how we can meet your disaster recovery needs.

File restoration

Lost data is retained from the most recent file backups.

Network Restoration

Your server will be back up and running quickly so that your business can resume its normal processes.

Hardware RestoratioN

Hardware failures are rectified or replaced for reliable ongoing functionality.

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