It started with the belief that home users and business owners deserved more than being sold into products and services that were excessive to their needs - what had seemingly become a commonplace occurrence in the IT industry.


We were convinced there was a better way for businesses to have their IT needs met, without feeling like they were being taken advantage of.


The solution? Peer 2 Peer IT Solutions, with just as much value placed on communication, as on IT products and services.


We go about this by giving every home and business user just what they want - a tailored service with transparent outcomes and pricing. And best of all? No jargon to contend with.

Peer 2 Peer IT Solutions is backed by a trusted team with decades of expertise in the IT industry. Our strong team culture is the result of a unified vision for exceptional customer service leading to successful long-term partnerships.


We each take pride in being as relatable and reliable as possible for our clients, so you can focus on what’s most important to you: your business.

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